Constituent Stories

Residents of the 3rd Congressional District of Iowa can contact us for assistance in dealing with Federal agencies. While we cannot guarantee you a favorable outcome, we will do our best to help you receive a fair and timely response to your problem. If you need assistance, stop by one of our offices, call us, or submit a request through our online forum.

“I am proud to be able to help these constituents. I ran for Congress to cut red tape and hold Washington accountable, and I’m happy we could do that for these folks.” - Cindy

Ibrahim A., Des Moines

Issue: Social Security

"Rep. Axne stepped in quickly when Social Security wrongly suspended my benefits. I turned to Rep. Axne for help, and less than a week later SSA acknowledged their mistake."


John and Cyndi P., Des Moines

Issue: Social Security

“Representative Axne inquired with Social Security regarding my husband's Social Security disability application. After years of appeals and waiting, disability was awarded to my husband. I am thankful for Rep. Axne's attention and assistance in this process."


Jennifer H., Red Oak

Issue: Federal Health Insurance

“Rep. Axne stood with me to secure health insurance for one of my neighbors. After Rep. Axne's staff reached out, they connected us with a health specialist who dug into the case. Now she can get the health care she needs!"


Jennifer M., Ankeny

Issue: Passport

“I applied for my three children's passports in January...but when I hadn't heard back by the end of June, I asked Rep. Axne for help. Her office was able to secure our passports by mid-July, ensuring our family could travel together as planned."


Joyce B., Des Moines

Issue: Social Security

“Social Security had not been paying our family full benefits for several months, and I heard nothing when I appealed. Rep. Axne secured significant backpay and my full monthly benefits were restored."


Lisa. S., Afton

Issue: Pension Payments

“After retiring from a nearly 40-year career with Farm Service Agency, Rep. Axne's office helped fix an issue holding up my pension payments. Not only did they help secure the back pay I was owed, but they also made sure I would receive full payments going forward."


Dnita H., Indianola

Issue: Citizen and Immigration Services

“At a time when many patients' lives were and still are at stake, Rep. Axne's office successfully gained expedited processing of RN work permits...allowing our nurses to quickly return to their crucial roles in care facilities." 


Earl H., Council Bluffs

Issue: Small Business Administration

“Cindy Axne stepped in and spoke with SBA on my behalf concerning FEMA buyout on my flooded property. I am eternally grateful for her help."


Steven C., West Des Moines

Issue: IRS

“When I didn't receive my stimulus payments, Rep. Axne's office was fast to respond, and they were able to locate what I was owed."


Molly W., Council Bluffs

Issue: Small Business Administration

“My business had suffered greatly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rep. Axne's office elevated my application for emergency support internally with SBA, and I received my final approval about a week later!"


Ivy W., Des Moines

Issue: Rental Assistance

“I had been approved for a housing program, but I did not possess the required documents. [Rep. Axne's team] was able to track down my birth certificate and I secured a copy. With Rep. Axne's help, I am now able to have a place of my own."


Taylor C., Des Moines

Issue: Passport

“I received an email saying that my passport application was approved... I appreciate [team Axne's] speed and concern with my issue so much. Knowing it will arrive on time takes a lot of stress off my shoulders." 


Amber, Pleasant Hill

Issue: IRS

“My tax return got caught in COVID limbo at the IRS. Because my tax return wasn’t processed, I was in danger of losing my health insurance. Rep. Axne’s Office resolved my problem quickly. Thank you to the helpful, friendly staff!"


Brenda L., Granger

Issue: IRS

“I contacted Cindy Axne's office through their website to get help getting our 2019 tax refund from the federal government. Due to the pandemic tax returns are extremely late getting paid out. Within a few weeks they had the problem solved and our direct deposit was on it's way!"


Taylor C., Des Moines

Issue: Passport Renewal

“I received an email saying that my passport application was approved...I appreciate [Team Axne's] speed and concern with my issue so much. Knowing it will arrive in time takes a lot of stress off my shoulders. "


Kayla, Lynsay, Amber, Amanda, and Ashley from Altoona

Issue: IRS

“Our business had several employees who received letters from the IRS stating their taxes were being reviewed and to allow an additional 60 days for their refunds. Due to COVID-19 and offices being closed, they asked for an additional 60 days. I contacted Kyle about these issues and he was prompt and had the issue resolved in 2 weeks!"


Dan, Winterset

Issue: IRS

“I called Cindy’s Office to ask them to look into why I hadn’t received my 2019 tax refund, which was a substantial need to my farming operation. I had waited since March to receive it with no indication of it’s status. Cindy’s office responded and after a few weeks, my tax refund arrived.”


Desiree L., Waukee

Issue: IRS

"Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRS call center was closed to handle tax inquiries. In order to close on a home purchase I needed to obtain a written pay off statement from the IRS that I could not aquire through normal channels. I reached out to Congresswoman Cindy Axne. Cindy's workforce promptly responded to my inquiry and aquired the information that I needed in a timely manner. This would not have been possible without the help of this amazing group of people."


Liz Wagner, Urbandale

Issue: Department of Education

“I want to thank Representative Axne and everyone in her office for helping me with the Department of Education.  Representative Axne and her entire staff truly understands and more importantly cares about her constituents.  Not only did her office respond via email, we also spoke on the phone several times.  They listened to my story on more than one occasion and took notes.  They contacted the Department of Education and FedLoan Servicing on my behalf to get answers to my questions.  If you have problems with a government agency, contact Representative Axne's office for a caring, timely, and effective response.”


Donna Kelly, Oakland

Issue: Medicare/Medicaid

“Kyle contacted the insurance department and the claim was paid by Humana. I had been trying for 5-6 months to get Humana to review the denied claim.”


Joe and Carol S., Ankeny

Issue: IRS

“We sought Congresswoman Axne’s assistance when we did not receive our stimulus check and we could not get any information from the IRS. She and her staff persisted until the check finally arrived at our house."


Mary Sturm, Crescent

Issue: Military/Veterans Services

"Representative Axne provided assistance with award of the P.O.W medal for my husband, Ray Sturm."


Laura S., Des Moines

Issue: IRS

“I provided information I needed to receive my federal income tax refund. Rep. Axne’s staff corresponded with me with directions to receive the refund that I had been trying on my own since mid-summer to receive. The refund came three weeks after I first contacted Rep. Axne’s office."


Nick Bowdish, Atlantic Iowa Business Owner

Issue: Small Refinery Exemptions

“I wanted to make sure you heard... how much our industry appreciates Congresswoman Axne taking the EPA to task over small refinery exemptions.  In the past year, the number one challenge that our industry has faced has been the manipulation of the Renewable Fuel Standard through small refinery exemptions. The industry won a very important court case in the tenth circuit in the last 30 days, that will force the Environmental Protection Agency to reign in the abuse that was going on, but from a legislative standpoint there has been nobody stronger than Congresswoman Cindy Axne in calling attention to this blatant abuse of the Renewable Fuel Standard in the past twelve months, so she deserves credit for taking the EPA to task over that issue.”


Greg M., Milo

Issue: Social Security

“I have recently developed numerous health issues and became unable to work. I was having difficulty obtaining Social Security Disability benefits, Cindy Axne’s staff was able to help me navigate the bureaucratic processes and I ultimately began receiving my benefits.”


Joe Ankenbauer, Council Bluffs

Issue: IRS

“The IRS claimed we owed additional taxes for the 2016 tax year. We hired an attorney to look over our return and he assured us that we owed no additional taxes. However, the IRS wouldn’t give us the time of day. I contacted Congresswoman Axne’s office and, lo and behold the IRS accepted our explanation, and we got our payment back plus interest! We are so grateful to Congresswoman Axne for going to bat for us against the IRS. Congresswoman Axne is more than wiling to stand up for her constituents!”


Matt B., Johnston

Issue: IRS

“Congresswoman Axne’s office quickly resolved an issue with the taxes of a deceased relative. The IRS was slow and incomplete in their communication and they quickly brought our family closure.”


Matt & Andrea Schoville, Percival

Issue: Small Business Administration (SBA)

“Congresswoman Axne and her staff were willing to help us when our loan process through the SBA took longer then it was supposed to.”


Lennie Newman, West Des Moines

Issue: Medicare/Medicaid

“I was not aware of the Medicaid Estate Recovery laws! I felt the pressure and stress of not knowing how much I owed and the thought of passing my debt to my family made me feel like a burden. I tried for about 1 ½ years to find out how much I owed, I could not get the answers needed. Congresswoman Axne and special thanks to Caroline Hogan for resolving this issue for me! They kept working and never quit! For this I am so grateful!”


Jason H., Hamburg

Issue: Small Business Administration (SBA) & Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

“After 4 months of trying to get into a new home I contacted Congresswoman Axne’s office and within a month I was moving in.”


Ivy W., Des Moines

Issue: Tenant Base Rental Assistance

“I had been approved for a housing program, but I did not possess the required identification documents to proceed with the housing. I asked Representative Axne for assistance. Using my social security number, they were able to track down my birth certificate number and I then secured a copy of that. With Rep. Axne’s help, I am now able to have a place of my own.”

Molly, Council Bluffs

Issue: SBA

“My business had suffered greatly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Representative Axne elevated my application for emergency support internally with SBA, and I received final approval about a week later!”