Atlantic News Telegraph: Axne Makes Tour Stop In Atlantic

February 1, 2019
In The News

Jennifer Nichols, Atlantic News Telegraph, February 1, 2019

ATLANTIC – U.S. Representative Cindy Axne stopped in Atlantic Friday morning as part of a tour of rural health care centers, in the hopes of learning more about what needs are being part, what needs might be being missed and ways she can support the district to keep what works and try to fill needs that need to be filled.

Cass County Health System was the second health facility she visited, and prior to that she visited one in Redfield. She said in a facility in a small town like Redfield, she discussed what people “can and can’t do there” for services and if people may have to travel to another facility for certain services.

She said Cass County had a “wonderful facility,” and she wanted to learn what role government can do to “continue to make sure that it services the area, and receives what it needs to be successful.”

Axne said she learned that Cass County Health System has a great facility, but one issue, they face is bringing, “enough people here, physicians in particular,” to continuing providing the services to patients. She said it’s important to have technology available, to “make sure to invest in things like telemedicine,” is an option for rural health care facility to use as another way to provide services, “and how I can support that when I go back to Washington.”

She also spoke about the recent government shutdown, saying she was one of 21 freshman congressmen, who sponsored a bill known as the Shutdown to End all Shutdowns (SEAS) Act, which would include a part saying that members of Congress and Executive Branch would not receive pay or money to travel until the shutdown was resolved.
“(It) was brought forward by 21 freshman, who say ‘enough of this business,’” she explained. “We’re done. This is unacceptable. You don’t operate government by putting people out of a paycheck.”
“I really that believe that we are going to see some type of solution,” she continued. “I know that there are Republicans in the Senate who know we can’t go back to another shut down. And honestly, we are really reliant on the Senate to make sure that doesn’t happen. In the house, we passed 11 bills to reopen government and then the Senate didn’t take those up. So we need them to be in the game, and I think they’re realizing we can’t go back to a shut down.”
Photo Credits: Jennifer Nichols/Atlantic News Telegraph