Janice Lane Schroeder

August 6, 2021
Iowan of the Week
CEO of Children & Families of Iowa

Madam Speaker, I rise today to recognize a tireless advocate, role model, leader, and the CEO of Children & Families of Iowa Janice Lane Schroeder as Iowan of the Week.

Janice is a leader in Iowa’s statewide efforts to serve families harmed by substance abuse, mental health crises, domestic abuse, and other life circumstances. After starting her career working with chemically dependent adults, she now heads the hardworking team at Children and Families of Iowa.

This nonprofit is one of the top family services organizations in our state. Through its varied programs and services, the organization helps everyone from children who need a safe home to adults learning to cope with trauma. Children & Families of Iowa goes beyond offering solutions for families and children in crisis; the organization offers hope when it may seem like there is none. They offer a chance to build better futures and provide an opportunity to change lives.

The saying the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree applies to Janice and her family. She learned through her own family’s service to others, and that inspired her to become the leader and advocate she is today. Her father, Rev. Hardest Lane, founded the nonprofit H.E. Lane Center for Positive Change to assist men reentering the community from incarceration. Her mother, Janice O. Lane, a missionary and National Merit Scholarship Corp. administrator, led work establishing a family reunification center so women could be visited by their children. 

With everything she’s already accomplished in her career, Janice still has a few more projects on her bucket list. Some of those projects include: developing a multicultural, clinical team specializing in child welfare in marginalized communities, further establishing existing initiatives in early childhood education, and parent-child educational opportunities; developing more accessible mental health care treatments for survivors of domestic abuse; and improving employment education for youths. 

It is Janice’s passion for the work that she does that makes her such an effective leader and community advocate, and it is people like her who make Iowa such a great place. I will continue to fight in Congress to support organizations like Children & Families of Iowa and amplify the continued efforts of advocates like Janice. It is my pleasure to honor Janice Lane Schroeder as Iowan of the Week.