Judge Romonda Belcher

February 14, 2020
Iowan of the Week
Polk County District Associate Judge

Madam Speaker, I rise today to ask the House of Representatives to join me in recognizing Judge Romonda D. Belcher, a District Associate Judge at the Polk County Justice Center in Des Moines, Iowa as the Iowan of the Week. Judge Belcher is the first African American female judge to serve in the state of Iowa. She was appointed to the bench on August 20, 2010 and serves our community with distinction.

Like many young girls across this country, she set her goals high at a young age. She grew up in North Carolina and moved to Iowa to attempted Drake Law School. Before she was selected to be a judge, she worked in the Polk County Attorney’s Office for 15 years, serving in multiple different capacities including important work in juvenile justice. She’s been a mentor to women and attorneys across Iowa – including mentoring those who move here from out of state about how to handle our winter.

As District Associate Judge, she continues to exemplify justice and equality by treating those who come before her fairly, with compassion and respect. The late Iowa Supreme Court Justice Mark Cady believed it was these qualities in Judge Belcher that makes her so valuable to our community. He said that Judge Belcher’s “presence and her approach and the kindness she displays is very needed” by the those who come before her courtroom.

I have great respect and admiration for folks who stand up for people who can’t always stand up for themselves. Judge Belcher has made it her mission to help and had a dedicated life of public service, and Iowans are better because of it. It is an honor to commemorate the outstanding achievements of Judge Belcher and celebrate her as our Iowan of the Week.