Kristi Myers

February 4, 2020
Iowan of the Week

Madam Speaker, I rise today to honor Kristi Myers from Des Moines on this World Cancer Day.

Kristi is a mom of a smart and talented daughter, Audrey, and married to a wonderful partner, Dan. She works as a high school English teacher at Central Academy and I hear she’s a student favorite. Kristi is forever a Chicago Cubs fan, which speaks to her constant optimism. Kristi is a beautiful soul with generous heart.

And Kristi is another thing – a cancer survivor. She’s fought and beaten cancer three times, and she is supported by a strong support team that will ensure she is a fourth-time survivor. She’s survived Hodgkin’ lymphoma, a brain tumor, breast cancer, and is now fighting back a second brain tumor. I am in awe of Kristi’s strength, and the love and support of her family, to stand up to cancer four times over. On this is World Cancer Day, I want to honor Kristi’s fighting spirit, thank her family and our community in Des Moines who have helped support her, and make sure that we remember all those who have cancer.

Cancer doesn’t know age or gender, it doesn’t care about race or how much money you have. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it impacts us all. Everyone is Iowa knows someone with cancer, and that’s why I’m committed to providing research and development funding for all types of cancer – across the board. As a mom, I’m committed to making sure that moms across Iowa have a fighting chance.

Kristi, and all cancer fighters in Iowa, need our support. Today, World Cancer Day, it is important we remember that cancer affects us all. I’ll keep fighting for more funding and research, and I know that Kristi will keep fighting too.