Sonia Parras Konrad

November 4, 2021
Iowan of the Week
Visionary, Latina Activist, Attorney

Madam Speaker, I rise today to ask the House of Representatives to join me in recognizing Sonia Parras Konrad, an attorney, visionary, and co-founder of various non-profits, as Iowan of the Week.

For someone who never intended to become a lawyer and advocate, Sonia Parras Konrad exceeded her personal expectations and became an influential member of the Latina community in Iowa. While attending college in Spain, Sonia had the chance to study at Central College for a year in 1993 - 1994. After her first year in Iowa, Sonia firmly believed that Iowa chose her and felt as though many factors kept her coming back. As soon as she started to work with the Latina community, she saw the immense need for advocacy in support of its members. Furthermore, she feels honored to be a part of the road to change in Iowa and more specifically, her ability to work to change policies that affect a vulnerable population. Within Iowa, she found a lot of mainstream support and allies, which pushed her to continue her work.

As Sonia’s passion for activism progressed, she went on to become a co-founder of multiple non-profits such as Latinas Unidas por un Nuevo Amanecer (LUNA), MUNA Legal Clinic, Latina Leadership of Greater Des Moines (LLI), and the ALMAS Pro Bono Legal Clinic. In addition to her work in the non-profit sector, Sonia is well-versed in international consulting throughout Latin America in which she serves as a consultant to both the Department of State and the Mexican Government. As a result of all of her extraordinary work, Sonia has received many prestigious awards and honors from various organizations. In 2021 only, Sonia has received both the Pro Bono Award from the Iowa-Nebraska Chapter of American Immigration Lawyers and the Businesswoman of the Year 2021 from the Business Record. In all, Sonia’s goals are to always do more, continue to grow, and open roads for women and immigrants in Iowa.

Sonia has dedicated her life to helping the Latina community in Iowa through her leadership and legal prowess. Her optimistic and humble mindset has propelled her to success and makes her truly worthy of being nominated for this award. Sonia serves as an inspiration and role model to all, and it is my honor to name her Iowan of the Week.